SKS Tax Services

Our history of quality service has always emphasized proactive tax analysis, with tax planning being a year-round consideration. We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to identify and maximize tax saving opportunities. SKS Tax Service’s entire professional staff is trained to spot potential opportunities where a client can save tax dollars. Our tax and audit specialists work in tandem to continually review our client’s situations for new opportunities in light of changing federal and state tax laws.

We also take into consideration the needs of the business owners to ensure that corporate and individual tax strategies are not conflicting. To better meet the needs of its large personal tax services, SKS operates 5 strategically located sites throughout the city to provide clients with prompt and convenient services.

SKS Tax Services include:
Corporate, Partnership & Non-Profit Taxes • Personal Taxes • State & Local Taxes
Tax Planning & Preparation • IRS Controversy

Our Tax Offices

West Broadway Office

3803 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky 40211
Phone: 502.772.7764
Fax: 502.772.7753

Dixie Office

1708 Dixie Highway
Louisville, Kentucky 40210
Phone: 502.776.8407
Fax: 502.776.8408